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Economic evaluation of piscicultures ponds summary (Резюме на английском языке)

Methods of economic evsluation of carp ponds of Lithuanian SSR are presented in this paper as well as a historical survey on pond estimation, with their total productivity serving as criterion for that estimation.

The factors stipulating the carp pond productivity (pond depth, soil type, expressed by the percentage of clay particles, total mineralization of water, pond bottom situation, pond flowability and abundance in springs) had been chosen on the basis of four pond piscicultures located in different areas of the republic and due to close examination of literary data and the mathematic statistics correlation method. According to the regression equations worked out, evaluation scales (using 100 points system) for appropriate ponds with one-year, two-year and pasturable piscicultures as well as with those in the state of hiberanation and spawning had been formed. Effect of individual factors in evaluation scales conforms entirely to biological requirements of carp breeding.

Piscicultures in four different ereas of Lithuanian SSR which are rather typical of the republic had been evaluated according to the estimation methods made. For pond utilization analysis appropriate patterns of regression equations had been chosen and carried out on the basis of the ponds evaluated. The carried out analysis appears to be of help when elucidating inland resources with respect to pond productivity increase.

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